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Diesel Social Kitchen

Diesel Social Kitchen

Diesel Social Kitchen. Design ricercato, accostamenti inediti, perfetta sintesi di originalità, funzionalità e personalizzazione.

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The perfect place for socialising and expressing your style.

Diesel’s style and know-how join forces with Scavolini’s know-how to create a new-concept kitchen. A kitchen that becomes a complete environment, where the pleasure of cooking naturally combines with the pleasure of spending time with friends. A kitchen for social life, a space that expands, intelligently and conveniently, surprising you not only with its eye-catching design but also with the sophistication and quality of its materials.

Design by Diesel Living

  1. Framed door with Soft Industrial Glass
  2. “Flight Case” handle
  3. Nodato Oak door
  4. “Ice box” refrigerator handle
  5. Drip Metal steel worktop
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