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Flux Swing

Flux Swing

Flux Swing. Exclusive silhouettes that delineate space.

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With Flux Swing, styling merges with functionality to achieve the perfect balance of components, volumes, proportions, shapes and finishes. For those in search of clean-cut styling and innovative solutions.

The ultimate pure shapes of the new elements introduced enhance the highly sophisticated and modern design of Flux Swing.
The special shaping of the doors and joining elements, the exclusive integrated built-in hood, the Slide tape-like element that merges the kitchen with the living room, the perfect silhouette of the breakfast counter and peninsula are the must-haves of this unique and innovative interior design solution.

Design by Giugiaro Design

  1. Open-fronted end base unit for island
  2. Shaped island and peninsula worktop
  3. Curved wall unit with tilted folding doors
  4. Switch cupboards with retractable doors
  5. Shaped joining wall unit with flap door
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