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Misfits Bathroom

Misfits Bathroom

Misfits Bathroom. Contemporary design with an industrial soul.

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Misfits Bathroom is the new collection ensuing from the partnership with Diesel Living, a brand with an irreverent and ironic soul which has always stood out for its evocative language.

Composition blocks and materials that transform the bathroom space into a hybrid configuration with elements borrowed from the kitchen, in other words the Misfits collectionof free-standing elements, which become the iconic leitmotif of the entire range.
Two types of offering have been restyledfor the bathroom environment in order to accommodate the washbasin: the Misfit CART and Misfit CHEST monoblocs that mimic the shapes of the trolley and of the cupboard. Both monobloc vanity units can be ordered in two  colours with a strong personality: Coal Black and Soft Grey.
There are three different glass versions to choose from, Soft industrial glass, Soft Steeland Bronze, dedicated exclusively to the Misfit CHEST, wall units and bathroom cabinets. This original collection is completed by mirrors, thes ystem of shelves with an industrial look (titanium finish frame and shelves available in Soft Industrial Glass, in decorative melamine and lacquered) and thededicatedtowel rail: details which emphasise the uniqueness of this particular, highly contemporary collection.

Design by Diesel Living

  1. Misfit CHEST washbasin base unit
  2. Misfit CART washbasin base unit
  3. Framed glass door
  4. Side towel rail
  5. Shelf with frame
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