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Reflections with style

The ceramic collection inspired by the surfaces of antique mirrors.

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Narciso is an original collection inspired by the surfaces of antique mirrors, oxidized by atmospheric agents and dulled by the passage of time.

Every detail is emphasized by the gloss semi-polished and matt semi-polished finishes, which produce original aesthetic and tactile effects. Available in four colours – Perla, Argento, Topazio and Zaffiro –, the collection is ideal for public and private areas with a striking visual impact. Light, key to shaping the experience in any interior design project, interacts with the surfaces and is amplified by the reflections which the collection evokes (its name is the Italian form of “Narcissus”). The Frammenti decor made from mirror shards harmoniously arranged on the surface, together with the Gemma decor which reproduces old stylized decorations, adorn the collection, adding further stylistic reflections.

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